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Global Food Systems Institute

Global Food Systems Institute

Graduate Fellows Program

Global Food Systems Institute (GFSI) Helps You Get There! We support faculty, staff, students, and Extension professionals engage in international work, including teaching, research, and outreach to strengthen human capacity for effective food systems, primarily in the Global South. We assist with project development, identification of funding opportunities, developing multidisciplinary teams, and offer logistical support for international activities. 

GFSI established the Graduate Fellows Program (GFP) to support the participation of graduate students in research related to food systems. In 2021 GFSI funded four fellows with up to $5,000 in top up funding to conduct research under the supervision of their advisors related to food systems. In 2022 GFSI provided 50% matching funds for four Ph.D. level assistantships for students engaged in food systems research. Additional funding will be announced through the GFSI faculty listserv. 

GFSI 2021-2022 Fellows

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