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Global Food Systems Institute

Global Food Systems Institute

Ziynet Boz

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Skilled at leveraging engineering skills in the combinations of food engineering and packaging regardless of the product type, Dr. Ziynet Boz is committed to tackling challenges related to the sustainability of food systems through engineering principles. Prior to starting her current role at the University of Florida in October 2020, she focused on a diverse range of topics from sustainability to packaging and from food processing modeling to food engineering.

Her recent activities included developing sustainability, food loss, and waste reduction, and sustainable packaging solutions for the leading food companies as well as multiple-stakeholder organizations, helping the development of a mobile processing and packaging unit, guiding a start-up for the development of a novel intelligent packaging solution in food applications, assessing sustainability strategies, implementation of a new modified atmosphere packaging device for fresh produce, modeling, optimization, and testing in food packaging (E.g., fresh produce, coffee, beverage, transportation, etc.). Her background also includes food process unit operations and modeling (E.g., CFD modeling in thermal processing).

Her current research addresses food loss and waste mitigation strategies and solutions at various value chain members (E.g., retail and consumer) through processing and packaging, valorization of waste into bioproducts, optimization, and modeling to improve sustainability and shelf-life of food systems, and the assessment of environmental sustainability through Life Cycle Assessment. Dr. Boz is also interested in enhancing the learning experiences of agricultural, food, and biological engineering students with human-computer interaction solutions.