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Thematic Areas

  • Global Food and Nutrition Security

    This area will aim to:

    • Develop climate-smart strategies to improve the level, efficiency and sustainability of nutrient-rich food production and consumption.
  • Food Production and Distribution Systems

    This area will aim to:

    • Assess equity of access to nutritious and safe foods and develop strategies to overcome barriers.
    • Evaluate approaches to prevent and curtail the spread of pests and diseases of crops, livestock, fisheries.
    • Identify and develop solutions to market and value chain inefficiencies and constraints in terms of production, equity of food access, environmental impacts.
  • Health, Economics, Livelihoods, and Society

    This area will aim to:

    • Assess and address tradeoffs and synergies of food production and diets with livelihoods, economics, health, and social systems.
    • Characterize the gender dynamics around production, preparation, and consumption of nutrient-rich foods.
    • Evaluate nutrition and health impacts of altering factors affecting the production and consumption of nutrient-rich foods.
  • Food Production and the Environment

    This area will aim to:

    • Assess environmental impact of existing and alternative food systems and develop mitigation strategies.
    • Develop more biodiverse, nutrient and water efficient food production systems.
    • Explore routes to ‘circularity’ of food production and food systems.

Cross-Cutting Themes

  • Metrics and Tools
  • Inclusion and Equity
  • Capacity Development for Food Systems (CD4FS)
  • Adapting/Resilience to Emerging Issues
  • Enabling Environment