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Inclusion and Equity Cross-Cutting Approach

This Cross-Cutting Approach (CCA) will advance the systematic review and evaluation of the impact of social inclusion and equity initiatives in building sustainable food systems. Definitions of inclusion and equity are fluid and vary by time and context. Gender, as one aspect of inclusion and equity, is a complex and multi-dimensional concept that includes diversity of gender identities, cultures, norms and relationships that are more than simply male/female dichotomy. Understanding gender and social inclusion is critical to achieving desired development outcomes of increased production, improved outcomes for poverty alleviation, and a fairer distribution of burdens and benefits in food systems among women and men, regardless of their social differences.

The inclusion and equity CCA will work with all thematic leaders, faculty, researchers and students to research and evaluate the effects of different practices, technologies, and systems on gender and youth and other marginalized groups. It will also evaluate opportunities and barriers for engagement of women, youth, and other marginalized groups in food systems, and develop strategies that create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and entrepreneurship along value chains in terrestrial and aquatic food systems.

To launch activities and initiatives under the inclusion and equity CCA, the following areas will be the foci of this CCA:

  • Understanding social factors of barriers and opportunities to food security,
  • Identifying strategies and practices to overcome constraints to technology adoption by women, youth and marginalized populations,
  • Identifying transformative approaches to improve inclusion and equity in food systems,
  • Developing or identifying pathways to engaging men and boys in improving household food security and nutrition, and
  • Comparing and learning from the application of gender tools (e.g., pro-WEAI, WELI) in value chains, and contributing to gender indicators.

The Inclusion and Equity CCA team will also guide and support FSI faculty and researchers in mainstreaming inclusion and equity considerations in the research design, implementation and monitoring, evaluation and learning.

FSI Leads for the Inclusion and Equity Cross-Cutting Approach:

Nargiza Ludgate
Kathleen Colverson