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UF/IFAS Global Food Systems Institute 

UF's mission statement emphasizes our commitment to lead and serve Florida, the nation, and the world by pursuing and extending new knowledge for the advancement of society. Global Food Systems Institute (GFSI) further highlight UF’s leading role in discovering and promoting evidence-based solutions to the greatest challenges of our time, providing safe and nutritious food for an expanding global population while enhancing livelihoods, societies, and the environment through research, teaching, and Extension education. 

What Does GFSI Do?

GFSI faculty, staff, students, and Extension professionals combine biophysical, economic, and social expertise to explore the multiple outcomes of diverse food systems for improvement to exploit synergies and reduce tradeoffs. Our efforts are organized into four thematic areas and five cross-cutting areas. We are a one-stop clearinghouse for faculty, staff, students, Extension professionals and organizations interested in conducting collaborative research, teaching and outreach projects. We focus on creating transdisciplinary education, research and Extension teams that address global food and nutrition security, health, economic, societal and environmental challenges.


We aim to develop new partnerships globally. We have worked with over 100 universities in the US and globally, as well as multiple government and non-governmental organizations.

Our Vision: To develop transformative and sustainable, participatory research-based solutions that enhance nutrition, health, livelihoods, and the environment globally through improved food systems.

Our mission: To engage in participatory research-based solutions that enhances the nutritional, health, and livelihoods, of global citizens and the environment through scientifically improved food systems. 

To better understand how we operationalize food systems, refer to the Food Systems Diagram