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Global Food Systems Institute (GFSI) Helps You Get There! We support faculty, staff, students, and Extension professionals engage in international work, including teaching, research, and outreach to strengthen human capacity for effective food systems, primarily in the Global South. We assist with project development, identification of funding opportunities, and developing multidisciplinary teams.

Our vision is to become a globally preeminent and transformative community for advancing the frontier of knowledge and practice for food and fiber systems. Our mission is to engage in participatory research-based solutions that enhance the nutritional, health, and livelihoods, of global citizens and the environment through scientifically improved food and fiber systems. We value transformative teaching, research, and Extension education that is interdisciplinary and based upon trusted and unbiased research findings.

Our work seeks to create transdisciplinary research and educational experiences through thematic areas and cross-cutting approaches that are led by subject matter experts. We provide partial funding for graduate research associates, post-doctoral research associates, and travel awards to encourage international engagement. GFSI also sponsors an array of annual awards for excellence in international programs related to research, teaching, and Extension, and hosts the annual Future of Food Forum. 

Where We Work UF Global Engagement and Expertise Dashboard offers a comprehensive database of where UF faculty are working around the world. 

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