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Proceedings: Future of Food Forum - Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Food Systems University of Florida, March 3, 2022

Vision of the Food Systems Institute

To develop transformative and sustainable, participatory research-based solutions that enhance nutrition, health, livelihoods, and the environment globally through improved food systems.

Transdisciplinary Research

Thematic Areas and Cross-Cutting Approaches

field with people and links to our Thematic Areas
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External Funding Opportunities

Calendar of upcoming external funding opportunities including links for additional details!

DSSAT 2022 International Training Program- Assessing Crop Production, Water and Nutrient Management, Climatic Risk, and Environmental Sustainability with Simulation Models

May 16-21, 2022

The overall goal of this training program is to familiarize participants with a comprehensive computer model for the simulation of crop growth and yield, soil, and plant water, nutrient, and carbon dynamics and their application to real-world problems.

More information available at: DSSAT 2022 International Training Program